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About us

COGEM is a limited-liability company found in 1980 and having the head office in Castello d'Argile (Bologna), Via del Fabbro n° 7.
At first COGEM was born thanks to a team of technicians with the intent to produce motorpump sets for Emilia Romagna farms.
The fast development of the industrial context, the capacity and the devotion of the employees and of the management to the work allow COGEM to expand itself in a very short time. In consequence the local market comes national market and permit COGEM to enlarge the range of products. That's how increase the demand of gensets and fire fighting sets.
Soon after, the intent to improve one's own products induce Cogem General Management to look for international customers. Futhermore, the participation to national and foreign trade exhibitions gives to COGEM the possibility to get business relationship with North Africa, North Europe and South America.
For all reasons above mentioned, today COGEM is one of the most quoted competitors all over the world.
- COGEM - Via del Fabbro, 7 - 40050 Castello d’Arglile (BO) Italy - Tel. +39.051.973652 r.a - Fax +39.051.973693 - info@cogem.it